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Our Menu

(In-Store Prices)

Hot Entrees

Kabak Mucveri — $12

fried zucchini puffs with yoghurt sauce, 6 per serve

Börek — $12

fetta cheese and spinach pastry rolls, 6 per serve

Falafel — $12

chickpea patties with tahini sauce, 6 per serve

Fasulye — $12

fresh green beans cooked in Turkish style tomato sauce

Kizartma — $12

marinated zucchini, eggplant, capsicum and other fresh vegetables with yoghurt sauce

Imam Bayildi — $12

eggplant stuffed with roasted onions, capsicum and tomato with garlic sauce

Kymali Börek — $12

lamb mince, onion and parsley pastry rolls, 6 per serve

Turkish Kebab Rolls

Lamb — $13

Chicken — $13

Mixed Meat — $13

Fried chicken — $13

Sis kebab — $15

2 lamb kebab sticks

Tavuk kebab — $15

2 chicken kebab sticks

Kofte — $13

3 lamb mince balls

Kabak (zucchini) — $13

Falafel — $13

Any kebab as Mini kebab or burger — $9

Sauces and pastes for rolls:

garlic & yoghurt • chilli • bbq • tahini • satay • sweet chilli• tomato • chilli paste

Snack Packs

Kebab Plate — sm $16 lg $19

Rice, salad, either chicken or lamb/beef

Vegie Kebab Plate — sm $14 lg $17

Rice, salad, vegie kebab

Halal Snack Pack (HSP) — sm $16 lg $19 family $90

chips, cheese, meat & sauce

HFC (Halal Fried Chicken) — sm (3pc) $16 lg (4pc) $19

Chips, cheese, fried chicken pieces & sauce

Combo Packs — $22

any regular kebab or kebab plate with small chips and can of drink


Pirzola — $22

Marinated lamb cutlets with herbs and rosemary (4 cutlets per serve)

Tavuk Iskender — $19

Spicy sliced chicken kebab with garlic and salsa sauce

Mix Iskender — $22

Sliced lamb and chicken with garlic and salsa sauce

Iskender Kebab — $19

spicy sliced lamb doner kebab with garlic and salsa sauce

Mixed Grill — $22

chicken and lamb skewers, kofte and chop

Sis Kebab — $19

marinated lamb skewers with herbs and garlic (2 per serve)

Sis Tavuk — $19

marinated chicken skewers with herbs and garlic (2 per serve)

Kofte — $19

spicy lamb patties (4 per serve)

Side Dishes — sm $5 lg $8

Salad • Rice • Vegetables

Dinner Packs - Minimum order 2 people

The Belco Banquet — $25.00 per person

dips, pide bread , kabak, falafel, salad, rice, lamb skewers, chicken skewers and mixed pide

The Ottoman Banquet — $25.00 per person

dip, bread, kabak, salad, rice, börek, sliced lamb, sliced chicken and salami and capsicum pizza

Family HFC (Halal Fried Chicken) Banquet — $25.00 per person

dip, bread, salad, rice, halal fried chicken pieces, chicken and mushroom pizza

The Vegetarian Banquet — $25.00 per person

dip, bread, beans, kabak, falafel, börek, fried vegies, salad, rice, fasulye and vegie supreme pizza

Dips — sm $6 lg $10

hummus • beetroot • carrot • eggplant tabouli • spinach • cucumber •chili

Chips — sm $6 lg $10

Halal Pizzas

Halal Pepperoni — $25

tasty mozzarella topped with halal pepperoni

Sucuklu — $25

turkish salami topped with onions, tomatoes, capsicum, and tasty mozzarella

Meat Lovers Paradise — $25

turkish salami, pepperoni, shredded pizza topping, cabanossi, and tasty mozzarella

Chicken Hawaiian — $25

roasted chicken pieces in oregano with pineapple, and barbecue sauce

Chicken Traditional — $25

roasted chicken in herbs and oregano topped with mushroom and onion, tomato, capsicum and tasty mozzarella

The Hot Bird — $25

spicy chicken topped with jalapeno chilli paste, chilli flakes, onions, capsicum, and tasty mozzarella

The Dragon Breath — $25

turkish salami loaded jalapenos fresh chilli paste, onion, capsicum, and tasty mozzarella

Margarita — $22

fresh tomato and mozzarella topped with oregano and herbs

Veggie Supreme — $25

spinach, pumpkin, rosemary, potato, mushroom, olives, tomato, capsicum, fresh herbs, oregano, greek feta, and tasty mozzarella

The Popeye — $22

loads of spinach, fresh herbs, tomato, onions, capsicums, greek feta, and tasty mozzarella

Roasted Pumpkin — $25

diced roasted pumpkin pieces in garlic and rosemary, onion, greek feta, and tasty mozzarella

Vegan Vegetarian — $25

all your veggie items including kalamata olives on a herb base topped with hummus

Beef Lovers — $25

shredded beef pieces and beef pizza topping with fresh herbs, onions, tomato and capsicum, and tasty mozzarella

Halal Pides

Tavuklu — $22

chicken, vegetable mix, cheese

Peynirli — $22

fetta cheese, spinach, vegetable mix

Lahmajun — $22

Finely minced lamb, onion and tomatoes

Kiymali — $22

finely minced lamb, vegetable mix, cheese, onion and tomatoes

Sucuklu — $22

turkish salami, vegetable mix, cheese

The Halal Special — $24

mixture of all meats and cheese

Super Sebzeli — $22

all vegetarian items with cheese

Any pide or pizza as small pizza — $12


Garlic Bread — $15

Za'atar bread (herbed) — $15

Pesto Bread — $15

Turkish plain bread — $5

Free Delivery for orders over $50 from midday-2pm, then 5:30-7:30pm to Belconnen, Florey, Page, Weetangera, Macquarie, Bruce, Lawson and McKellar.

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